As a passionate and creative lighting designer working on both residential, commercial and exterior projects throughout the UK and abroad, Ajay wants to offer clients a whole new approach to lighting design and avail opportunities to my clients that really work for them within their own personal spaces. Totally client focussed and with the desire to go beyond expectations, deliver and guarantees breath-taking results time and time again.

What to expect

Initially, you can arrange to meet with Ajay at the purpose build showroom and design offices or alternatively he can meet you on site. Ajay will then go through your plans and requirements for the project discussing what you have in mind whilst also making some valuable suggestions. Should you then wish to engage in our services, you will receive a full lighting design plan, presentation, quotation, loading schedule and product specification. You will also receive full support throughout the project and Ajay will liaise with your contactors on site.

1. Site Visit & brief development

It is important to understand the built environment that is being designed for; therefore, in most cases, a site visit will be arranged where notes, photos and sketches of the space(s) can be taken. Ajay can meet you on-site or at our showroom in Manchester. He needs to fully understand how your space will be used and whether you have an idea of the lighting systems you will need before we can develop a complete brief. Your initial meeting may also involve discussions about specific light fittings, bespoke lighting, lighting control and home automation, and a complete run through of the schedule and process involved.

2. Lighting Design, Plans & Presentation

The first designs you will receive will be two-dimensional plans of the lighting for your space(s). Representing where your lighting should be placed and what sort of fittings these will be. We also make sure that all our fittings comply with the Part L section of your building regulations and provide you with all the information you’ll need to give to your building control officer. On completion of the initial design, you will receive a presentation to show you exactly what your lighting design will look like. The presentation will involve 2D drawings, options of different lighting products, and photographs from other projects with similar designs and products.

3. Quotation, schedule & specification

A detailed quotation and specification document will be drawn up listing product type, lamp type, drivers and transformers. Installation guides will also be provided within the specification to help the contractors on site. A loading schedule will be produced which details circuits, wattage per circuit, lamp type and dimming protocols. This will be given to your electrician and also if you are installing any lighting control this will be essential.

4. Project management

If you have your own electrical engineers to install your lighting design, we will gladly provide them with all the relevant information they need to turn our lighting designer’s visions into project reality. This will include: detailed specifications, circuit plans, detailed notes, a mood board where required, and our support throughout the installation where it is needed. If you do not have your own electrical engineers Ajay can recommend a trusted firm that he has relied upon for previous projects. You will have the option of a project management service where Ajay will take responsibility for coordinating the various professionals on the project that will be involved in the lighting design process.

5. Order management

When the time comes to place the order, Ajay’s experienced sales team will assist with any technical questions to ensure a smooth delivery and installation. When the order arrives at our warehouse, each product will be marked up by circuit number and room by room thus assisting the electrician on site.

6. Installation

Ajay works with a number of partners from electrical contractors to home automation specialists throughout the UK and abroad. It is strongly advised to appoint an approved electrician and Ajay can recommend his partners. If you choose to appoint your contractors, this is no problem, we will work hand in hand and provide technical information when needed.

Ajay has over ten years’ experience in Lighting Design and produces projects of any scale and style all over the world in both residential and commercial

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From Ultra-contemporary to classic pieces, Ajay’s manufacturers have a diverse set of collections of all different types of lighting both architectural, decorative and for interior and exterior. Ajay’s good relationships with the manufacturer means he has first-hand connections in the industry and you will get the best service and advice.

Ajay distributes lighting products from over 25 manufacturers all from all over the world, with such a wide range of products, He is able to supply you with almost any lighting fitting or solution.

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There are many systems on the market at different price perspectives and this can be a real minefield for clients who are trying to make clear and informed decisions. With Ajay’s extensive knowledge of not only the systems, but also technical aspects such as drivers, LEDs and the best protocols to use he can advise where substantial cost savings could be made.

Ajay is able to advise on the best lighting control to suit your project based on the client’s needs and budget. He can also put you in touch with the relevant company to complete this work for you.

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Ajay is able to put a unique design together for you and tailor this to the style and size of it’s settings. His links with manufacturers allows him to get in touch with the relevant people to help create your dream lighting piece.

Every work of lighting art that illuminates a client’s space started out as a concept in someone’s mind’s eye, and therefore the first step towards the perfect bespoke design is to fully and completely understand a client’s wishes, their brief or their hurriedly scribbled drawings on the first piece of paper that came to hand. Ajay’s designers are used to translating these rough requirements into polished and inspired light designs. This is achieved first through sketches from various angles, both of the light designs and the space in which they will be displayed to allow us to refine our vision of your needs, then as a 3D rendered model offering our manufacturers all the information they need to create your masterpiece, and finally as part of a wider circuit plan and lighting design.

Got a specific lighting piece in mind?

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Ajay can talk to the students on your chosen subject or give an overview on lighting.

Ajay has a very strong strategic alliance with many local universities and colleges working in partnership with courses such as Architecture, Interior Design, and Product Design.

He regularly provide students and graduates with work experience to further them in their careers and has worked with various different Universities and organisations including the University of Bolton, University of Salford, University of Central Lancashire, and organisations such as the European Training Services and Unite with Business from University of Lancaster.

Hire Me!

Hire Ajay to be guest lecturer at your university or colleague – Ajay will come to you and talk to the students about lighting technicalities or lighting design.

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Ajay provides regular educational seminars on various topics within lighting. He aims to empower professionals and non-professionals within the industry to make clear and informed decisions on important aspects on their project or perhaps, those who are just interested in the world of lighting and just want to increase their knowledge. These seminars are targeted towards the following groups of people. – students, interior designers, property developers, home owners, home automation companies, other lighting experts


Book in for a workshop with Ajay either here at the stunning Manchester lighting showroom or at your own offices or classroom. Choose your own topic that you would like to know more about or let us give you an overview of lighting.

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New products have recently hit the market as a result of research into this sector including colour tuneable LEDs which can improve the consistency of your circadian rhythm. Ajay has branched out into this sector as, with the knowledge of this clever lighting, he can now help you improve your health and wellbeing with the use of clever lighting. Lighting very much changes the space you are in and most certainly effects your mood. Please get in contact if you would like to see how Ajay can help you.

How can we make you feel better

One of Ajay’s passions is looking into how lighting can affect your health and wellbeing.

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